Bug: compiler build option no-bin-llvmir

Discussion created by freighter on Apr 8, 2013
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In the actual version of the AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
OpenCL, December 2012, rev2.4, section 2.1.4  AMD-DevelopedSupplemental Compiler Options
there is mentioned the compiler build option -f(no)-bin-llvmir.


Reproducing the bug :

Use Catalyst 13.3 Beta3 (e.g. for 64bit linux) with runtime OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1124.2).

Now try in AMDAPP KernelAnalyzer2 (e.g. on linux) to load the taken

from AMDAPP SDK 2.8 and add the build option -fno-bin-llvmir

Result :



Internal error: Compilation failed.



========== Build: 0 of 19 succeeded ==========


When removing the option, building the Kernels works ok :

========== Build: started ==========

Error: no .astext section found.


========== Build: 19 of 19 succeeded ==========


It would be nice if this could be fixed, because it has already become a live problem, see