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Framelock with 3D Stereo Content (multiple v7900 and S400)

Question asked by giova on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by chm

Hi All,

I'd to sinchronize 5 workstations equipped with a FirePro v7900 and S400, each connected to 4 identical projectors (120Hz HD-Ready).

S400s are chained connected others using ethernet cables, to the workstation which generate sync signal, is connect an IR emitter for Active shutter glasses.

How can i sync 3D stereo Contents between workstations? The Framelock seems not to work on 3D Stereo Content: frames are locked, Left and Right BACK_BUFFERS are randomly swapped between walls (projectors on same workstation are well synchronized).


I'm trying to synchronize glut applications using glutSwapBuffers.

I also tried using this code:

bool ret = wglQueryMaxSwapGroupsNV(mhDC, &nMaxGroups, &nMaxBarriers);

if (nMaxGroups > 0 && nMaxBarriers > 0){

if (!wglJoinSwapGroupNV(mhDC, nGroup))


if (!wglBindSwapBarrierNV(nGroup, nBarrier))



but same result.


Which function i should use to syncronize correctly Stereo Contents?