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OpenCL kernel recycling makes Xorg crash

Question asked by jpsollie on Apr 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by jpsollie


CPU: turion ultra ZM-86 / 4GB

GPU: radeon HD 4570 / 512MB



Xorg 1.12.4

Catalyst 13.1 for legacy GPU

GCC 4.6.3

linux kernel 3.2.43


I have a very weird problem while performing an 'iteration' over an openCL kernel:

when the program iterates over the kernel for more than 2 times, it makes the Xorg server crash.

I can run the program more than 2 times sequentially when it does not perform iteration

I can run the program in iteration mode when launching it from the console: the system is perfectly stable when Xorg is not running.


some minor remark here is that during kernel execution, Xorg also 'locks up': if you put a clock on the background before launching the program in non-iterative mode, it just keeps the time before launch until it finalizes, then the screen is redrawn.


Is there any way I can instruct the program to be less 'aggressive" with its resources? I already tried a clfinish at the end of each iteration to make sure I did not forgot any read / writes in the command queue, but that didn't help either.