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[Issue] Rochard: Graphic problems

Question asked by lord_avallon on Mar 29, 2013

I bought Rochard in a Humble Indie Bundle last year and since then I have been experiencing the described issue, I think it has something to do with some kind of effect, because it happens always, but not only, on smoke and ligh effects, the images are self explanatory:


2013-03-27_00001.jpg 2013-03-27_00002.jpg 2013-03-27_00003.jpg 2013-03-27_00004.jpg 2013-03-27_00005.jpg 2013-03-27_00006.jpg 2013-03-27_00007.jpg 2013-03-27_00008.jpg 2013-03-27_00009.jpg 2013-03-27_00010.jpg 2013-03-27_00011.jpg 2013-03-27_00012.jpg 2013-03-27_00013.jpg 2013-03-27_00014.jpg 2013-03-27_00015.jpg 2013-03-27_00016.jpg 2013-03-27_00017.jpg 2013-03-27_00018.jpg 2013-03-27_00019.jpg

Before someone asks, I sent an e-mail to the guys from Humble Indie Bundle at that time, they forwarded it to the team on Recoil Games that forwarded it again to the people from Unity engine and It was some months ago, I haven´t received any response yet, so I am posting this issue here.


Here are my specs: