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    OpenVideo on T56N with HD6320


      I tried to use the OpenVideo sample on a T56N processor with HD6320 grphics drivers. But status = getDeviceCap(*oveContext ,deviceId,&encodeCaps); failed. Then i tried it on a Radeon 6450, but it failed at the same line in getDeviceCaps, on other installations it says "OpenVideo.dll" missing. Now i want to buy a new graphic card, but it's really hard to find a list of supported Hardware.

      So, simple questions:

      * Which HDxx series supoports OpenVideo?

      * On which graphic cards will ovEncode sample run?

      * Can i use the GPU on the T56N for Video encoding?


      thnx for answers

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          Hi ,

          Please check the OVDecodeRender Sample's documentation. It mentions a wikipedia link at the end, giving details of the supported hardware. 


          Please note there may be some changes you may have to do to the sample if you are working wirh SDK 2.8 because the OVDecode Sample has not been properly updated after SDK 2.7 release. This is a known issue, and will be fixed soon.

          Mostly the issue being the renaming of OVDecode.dll to OpenVideo.dll.


          About OpenEncode, supported Platforms are:

          • TrinityAPU

          • Tahiti XT GPU

          • Cape Verde GPU

          So AFAIK, it is not supported on your HD 6xxx cards.