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amd vs nvidia drivers

Question asked by nagol567 on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2013 by realhet

I purchased a sapphire 7970 card about a month ago. I plugged it into my system as soon as it arrived, updated drivers and started playing games and testing what it could do. honestly, I have been only disappointed in this card. I get screen tearing in almost all my games on a 60htz lcd, and the frame render times are much less consistent then they should be giving me terrible micro-stutter taking me out of immersion. AMD's driver team needs to step it up. my friends gtx 670 looks way smoother in games then my 7970. we set them both up next to each-other and saw that the 670 looked better even though fraps shows the 7970 as having a higher frame rate. Now I'm stuck with my 7970 wishing that i had a 670 or 680. If these drivers don't improve I'm never going amd for graphics again.