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    Error in clCopyImagetoBuffer


      I want to copy all the contents of an input image to a buffer so that I can do further processing on it...the command looks lyk

      clEnqueueCopyImageToBuffer (cl_command_queue command_queue,cl_mem src_image,cl_mem dst_buffer,const size_t src_origin[3],

                                                     const size_t region[3], size_t dst_offset,  cl_uint num_events_in_wait_list,const cl_event *event_wait_list,

                                                              cl_event *event)


            and in my code the command looks as follows...


      errNum= clEnqueueCopyImageToBuffer ( commandQueue,  imageObjects[0] ,memObject,origin,

                                                                        region,0, NULL,NULL,NULL);

      I get an error saying Image cant be copied...!


      what is exactly to be written in place of size_t dst_offset...? please tell the exact syntax for it, if my buffer size is 4*width*height*sizeof(char), or just putting zero at that place will do o no...?