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Windows 7 x64, windowed OpenGL window clipping region bug

Question asked by realhet on Mar 22, 2013



I found an annoying problem which is only wexists on win7, not on XP.




When I slowly move that notepad.exe window over the opengl display area, there is something not ok with the ClippingRegion of the opengl window.




When I move a window over the bottom-right corner of the opengl window, and then focus the opengl application, and click on the opengl window to make it redaw itself then the opengl window is only uptated on the region which was previously occupied by the window I moved over it.


Does anyone have a solution to these problem?

My lame solution for case 2 is this: whenever the opencl windows owner window reacquires the focus, I hide and show the opengl window -> this 'causes 'flicker'.

I've also found a weird one: Instead of hide/show I call Messagebeep() and miraculouisly it solves case 2.


Note that these 'features' are introduced with win7 (or vista). On XP both test cases work flawlessly.


Thanks in advance.