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Strange things ; problem with pixel format ? shader ? antialiasing ?

Question asked by allforum on Mar 22, 2013
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I don't understand what happens with ATI cards (no pb with nvidia).


I have a simple vertex shader. I created a function in this shader.

If I call the function some views are not drawn (I have one 2D (ortho) view and n perspective views).

If I copy/paste the code of the function in the main then all works well.


I also note this :

- if I disable antialiasing and I use the classical PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR then I have no more the problem.

- If I enable the GL_*_SMOOTH and I use the classical PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR then I have  the problem.

- if I enable or disable GL_MULTISAMPLE_ARB  and I use wglChoosePixelFormatARB then I have  the problem.


I join the code of the vertex shader. You can also find the code in this post :

I join the pixel formats.


I tested on an X1300/X1550, HD 5450, FirePro V3750 and FirePro V4800.


Do you have an idea of what can cause this problem ?