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    Device lost on stereo/quad buffer rendering




      I Want to add stereo capability to my existing 3D app written in DirectX9. and I am using the quad buffer SDK for this.

      the application runs OK. but when there is an event of device lost ( for example if the user click on application in the other monitor) ,I lose the stereo rendering. i.e. I see non stereo rendering.

      for non stereo when a device lost, a call to IDirect3DDevice9::Reset solve the problem.


      I noticed in the sample with the quad buffer sdk, the application behaves the same. the lost device is handled, and there is render after that but no stereo.


      I tried to make 2 reset called:

      the first to windowed mode and then call

      sendStereoCommand(ATI_STEREO_ENABLESTEREO, NULL, 0, 0, 0)


      and then reset to full screen again. without any luck.


      does anyone  have an idea how to make the sample overcome device lost?