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    AMD APP build failed


      when i succeeding install amd app sdk,then i open OpenCLSamplesVS10.sln with Microsoft Visual 2010 Professional Edition,and select Build Solution to build all solutions , KernelLaunch.cpp : error C2220: warning treated as error - no 'object' file generated,QQ截图20130316102837.png



      i try my best to find why,some body say Microsoft Visual 2010 Professional Edition has bugs, do you meet some similal problem with me,please tell me why, thank you very much. I am looking forword to your replay. thanks again.

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          Can you try creating a simple application using OpenCL from scratch using Visual Studio?

          Here are the steps:

          1. Take Template.cpp, Template.hpp and Template_Kernel.cl file in a new VS project.

          2. Add paths for Include files(cl.h) and library(OpenCL.lib).

          3. If you can run that, if might be some kind of incompatibility with chinese language of visual studio.

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              thank you very much ,i have bulid $(ATISTREAMSDKSAMPLESROOT)\samples\opencl\cl\app\TemplateVS10.sln using VC2010 with english language of visual studio,and it shows

              Time Elapsed 00:00:04.44

              ========== Rebuild All: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped ==========

              when i run the project,it shows


              i can run the TemplateVS project,but when i build OpenCLSamples.sln with Microsoft Visual Studio Profession Edition(english edition), it has many errors,and it will have the same problem,please tell me why,thank you very much.

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                  You seem to be having problem in KernelLaunch Sample. Try building that sample using Visual Studio. Can you specify what errors Visual Studio reports?


                  Also Specify your system details: CPU, GPU, Os, SDK Version, Catalyst Version.


                  I have used he OpenCLSamples.sln many times, for browsing through the complete APP SDK Samples. so it may be something with chinese language.

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                      when i build $(AMDAPPSDKSAMPLESROOT)\samples\opencl\cl\app\KernelLanchVS10.sln,it shows


                      and when i click the error,it shows


                      my computer information is below:


                      my AMD APP driver and sdk version is below


                      i install the VS2010 again,and i use the english edition of the visual studio 2010,please tell me why i have that errors,i am looking forword to your replay,thanks.

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                          That certainly looks like a Visual studio bug. Maybe just go through the files pointed by Visual studio, and check for something peculiar. Enable viewing spaces, sometimes they can create these issues.

                          Anyways i don't think you have any issue in starting OpenCL programming.


                          FYI I am able to compile KernelLaunch Sample from Visual Studio 2010 at my end.


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