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Stack Overflow error in Vector Addition Program

Question asked by shreedhar_pawar on Mar 17, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by shreedhar_pawar

In a simple addition vector addition program I have given the Array_Size of both arrays a and b to be 131072 and declared them as unsigned int, also the I have given the local work size as 512 and global work size same as the Array_Size. The code pauses in between and a box appears saying:

  "Unhandled exception at 0x011dbd27 in helloworld1.exe: 0xC00000FD: Stack overflow. "

If the Array_Size is given as 65536 or some less value(in the powers of 2), the code gets executed. What is the exact problem..? Is it that the number of groups for a particular GPU device can't exceed a certain value(in my case: 65536/512 = 128), if not this then what's the problem...?


Thanks in Advance.