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    C++ bolt


      Hi forum,


      I believe someone in the forum is or already have used the Bolt library for OpenCL . Is there any public repository to download it ?


      I am using NVIDIA GPU and i think the stand-alone installation of the library will allow me to use it .


      What do you think?





        • C++ bolt

          AFAIK you need C++ extension for OpenCL. so currently it is possible use it only on AMD GPU/CPU.

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            Adding some more insight to what has been discussed so far.

            • BOLT library requires static C++ kernel language extension implemented in the runtime to work seamlessly across platforms and these extensions are currently part of AMD OCL runtime only.
            • BOLT library also has AMP backend support for a subset of the OpenCL enabled routines.
            • However there is a fallback planned and it will occur if there is no AMD GPU device found.  If other GPU devices are found, MultiCoreCPU code path using TBB.  If TBB is not enabled or installed then Serial code paths will be supported for the below routines:
              • Transform
              • Transform_reduce
              • Inclusive_scan
              • Inclusive_scan_by_key
              • exclusive_scan OpenCL
              • exclusive_scan_by_keyL
              • count
              • count_it
              • reduce
              • sort
            • Please wait for BOLT 1.0 Beta release in the near future.