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    AMD APP SDK 2.8 runtime installation bug?


      I realized that if Catalyst drivers are installed, then the OpenCL runtime files such as libamdocl64.so do not get installed. Strangely the driver version stays old version supplied by catalyst...


      Version:                                   OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1084.4)


      On a different box with catalyst, even older version (although both boxes should have Catalyst 13.1)


        Version:                                   OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1016.4)


      Only on a box with no AMD GPU, the installation puts the latest version:


      Version:                                   OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1113.2)


      and old versions seem to print errors such as

      "/tmp/OCLf0b38e.cl", line 6: warning: unknown attribute "vec_type_hint"

        __kernel  __attribute__((vec_type_hint(double)))

      while new version does not.


      Can you tell if this also effects performance perhaps or not ?

      I already had a case where a program was frozen when used with new include files but old driver (I dont know if this was the reason but now I have suspicions and will try to test this tomorrow).


      Is this a bug in the APP SDK installer?




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          When you extract AMD APP 2.8 "gz" archive on Linux, you will find a file called "ReadMe.txt" along with "Install-AMD-APP.sh" and other files. Here is an extract from its note:


              As of SDK 2.8, the AMD APP SDK GPU runtime is not supported. To get the APP GPU runtime file,
              install the Catalyst driver. The SDK 2.8 runtime supports only CPU hardware; it is installed under

              Recommandations for GPU user:
              Install 12.10 (or later) Catalyst driver then install SDK 2.8 to avoid the CPU RT files installation.



          I dont find this ReadMe.txt file in the installed location (like inside /opt/AMDAPP). Not sure why it is not installed.

          Will check with APP SDK Team and let you know on this,


          Thanks for bringing this to our attention,

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              Hi Himanshu,


              I read the readme actually. I was trying to run programs on CPU. But SDK 2.8 does not install runtime file libamdocl64.so (and some other files) in /opt/AMDAPP if Catalyst is installed another libamdocl64.so for example to /usr/lib on ubuntu systems (it is built into the perl installer script, I checked that also)


              Also, I suspect that Catalyst does not update the runtime files either. (maybe to avoid overwriting APP-SDK files, something was put into catalyst installer at some point?) What is the latest version of the runtime which comes with catalyst???


              I get 1113.2 with APP-SDK, 2.8. Today, I will try to uninstall catalyst altogether and then re-install to see if it installs a newer version after erasing the older version.


              Also, I see the same version number independent of if I create a context for GPU or CPU. It looks like same runtime file is used for both gpu and cpu anyway?




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                Himanshu, I tested this and Catalyst 13.1 upgrade left the machine in version 1016.4.


                However if I totally uninstall Catalyst 13.1 and then re-install, it updates to version 1084.4


                If I uninstall Catalyst fully then install AMD-APP-SDK and then install Catalyst, I see version 1113.2


                I can tell it does something to code compilation for CPUs and GPUs because I see different buildprogram log outputs between different versions.


                It looks like the problem is that Catalyst does not update the runtime version, and APP-SDK does not install anything when it sees Catalyst already put some files.


                As I mentioned, I already had a program compiled with new include files freeze with old runtime because of this, and now after the upgrade I am able to use new include files and program seems to be working...