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CodeXL hang

Question asked by liwoog on Mar 14, 2013
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A program that runs in 1s in the shell is still running after 3 hours in CodeXL (GPU Application Trace profiling). The executable is running at 150% CPU and no trace data has been written in the trace file in the ~/.amd/AMD/CodeXL... directory.


AMD CodeXL GPU Profiler Kernel occupancy module is enabled


** hangs **


^CFailed to merge temp files.

Failed to generate profile result /home/lionel/.amd/AMD/CodeXL/gnrg_rtm2D_ProfilerOutput/Mar-14-2013_15-55-46/Mar-14-2013_15-55-46.atp.

Failed to generate profile result /home/lionel/.amd/AMD/CodeXL/gnrg_rtm2D_ProfilerOutput/Mar-14-2013_15-55-46/Mar-14-2013_15-55-46.occupancy.


Any ideas?