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Catalyst 13.2 beta 7 Serious Sam 3 openSUSE

Question asked by gps on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by gps

Because of a problem with Serious Sam 3, I posted on the steam forums.

The developers of Croteam send me here.


In Serious sam3, I have some textures flicker.

The grass and the leafs on trees, flicker very fast when I move, when I stand still all is fine.


Croteam told me this is an old bug, and they are waiting for AMD to fix this.


I build ths pc all amd to support amd, to support in their opensource efforts.

Can you tell when this is gonna be fixed ?

I do not want to rant, but it took over a year before I could use the catalyst on openSUSE with my hd5750.

Firefox was lagging bad with the catalyst driver.

That is at least fixed now, but now I have this issue.

If this continues I never buy and amd graphics card again.

How long is the hd5750 now on the market ?

Please give us a good working Linux driver.


Before steam on Linux, maybe you guys had no reason to do so, but I would like to think this has changed.

I did see allot of improvement with teamfortress 2


From what I understand from games, its a problem with textures with an alpha mask ( semi transparent textures)


Processor Information:

    Vendor:  AuthenticAMD

    Speed: 3200 Mhz

    4 logical processors

    4 physical processors

    HyperThreading:  Unsupported

    FCMOV:  Supported

    SSE2:  Supported

    SSE3:  Supported

    SSSE3:  Supported

    SSE4a:  Supported

    SSE41:  Unsupported

    SSE42:  Unsupported


Network Information:

    Network Speed:  


Operating System Version:

    "openSUSE 12.3 (x86_64)" (64 bit)

    Kernel Name:  Linux

    Kernel Version:  3.7.10-1.1-desktop

    X Server Vendor:  The X.Org Foundation

    X Server Release:  11302000

    X Window Manager:  KWin

    Steam Runtime Version:  steam-runtime-release-i386_2013-02-22


Video Card:

    Driver:  ATI Technologies Inc. ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series 


    Driver Version:  4.2.12002 Compatibility Profile Context 9.012


Sound card:

    Audio device: Realtek ALC892



    RAM:  3958 Mb



    UI Language:  English

    LANG:  nl_NL.UTF-8

    Microphone:  Not set

    Total Hard Disk Space Available:  302381 Mb

    Largest Free Hard Disk Block:  295339 Mb


Regards, Guus


edit changed vid card info after installing Catalyst 13.2