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    Catalyst 13.2 beta 7 Serious Sam 3 openSUSE


      Because of a problem with Serious Sam 3, I posted on the steam forums.

      The developers of Croteam send me here.


      In Serious sam3, I have some textures flicker.

      The grass and the leafs on trees, flicker very fast when I move, when I stand still all is fine.


      Croteam told me this is an old bug, and they are waiting for AMD to fix this.


      I build ths pc all amd to support amd, to support in their opensource efforts.

      Can you tell when this is gonna be fixed ?

      I do not want to rant, but it took over a year before I could use the catalyst on openSUSE with my hd5750.

      Firefox was lagging bad with the catalyst driver.

      That is at least fixed now, but now I have this issue.

      If this continues I never buy and amd graphics card again.

      How long is the hd5750 now on the market ?

      Please give us a good working Linux driver.


      Before steam on Linux, maybe you guys had no reason to do so, but I would like to think this has changed.

      I did see allot of improvement with teamfortress 2


      From what I understand from games, its a problem with textures with an alpha mask ( semi transparent textures)


      Processor Information:

          Vendor:  AuthenticAMD

          Speed: 3200 Mhz

          4 logical processors

          4 physical processors

          HyperThreading:  Unsupported

          FCMOV:  Supported

          SSE2:  Supported

          SSE3:  Supported

          SSSE3:  Supported

          SSE4a:  Supported

          SSE41:  Unsupported

          SSE42:  Unsupported


      Network Information:

          Network Speed:  


      Operating System Version:

          "openSUSE 12.3 (x86_64)" (64 bit)

          Kernel Name:  Linux

          Kernel Version:  3.7.10-1.1-desktop

          X Server Vendor:  The X.Org Foundation

          X Server Release:  11302000

          X Window Manager:  KWin

          Steam Runtime Version:  steam-runtime-release-i386_2013-02-22


      Video Card:

          Driver:  ATI Technologies Inc. ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series 


          Driver Version:  4.2.12002 Compatibility Profile Context 9.012


      Sound card:

          Audio device: Realtek ALC892



          RAM:  3958 Mb



          UI Language:  English

          LANG:  nl_NL.UTF-8

          Microphone:  Not set

          Total Hard Disk Space Available:  302381 Mb

          Largest Free Hard Disk Block:  295339 Mb


      Regards, Guus


      edit changed vid card info after installing Catalyst 13.2

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          It seems the flickering can be stopped by pressing alt enter a few times.

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            Dear amd friends, is this ever gonna be fixed ? Or is this just getting ignored ?


            The issue is even older, but I started this topic in march......

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                did you tryed newest OpenGL 4.3 beta driver?

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                    Do you mean 13.2 or 13.4 ?

                    Or something else ?


                    I heard rumors about a new catalyst driver soon to be released, on phoronix.


                    Using google I found this:


                    AMD Catalyst™ OpenGL 4.3 Beta Driver


                    Which gives 13.4 beta.


                    Did this solve the issue for you ?

                    I have tried over the last 14 ? months, since the steam public beta, prob all beta drivers, except this one.

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                        I will try SS3 on this drivers and report back.

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                          I have not yet installed this beta, too busy right now, but will install it later today.


                          Through phoronix I learned already one person reporting this issue with serious sam 3 to be fixed.

                          Through the steam forums, I learned  one person reporting Left For Dead 2 running more smooth.


                          Fingers crossed.


                          And through phoronix I found the right beta driver. ( which solved my confusion )

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                              Ok I tested SS3 with beta drivers and can now play on ultra settings before I must set set to high. and don't see any shadow flickering. but I don't remeber any of it even with earlier drivers like 13.3-13.4. . So AMD improved performance in SS3. also try delete ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Serious Sam 3/Temp/ShaderCache so you get fresh shaders.

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                                I am one very happy AMD user.


                                The difference with Serious Sam 3 is amazing.


                                Intro vids now seem to run as good on openSUSE as on windows 7 pro.

                                The corruption of the company logo's is gone.

                                The flickering of the grass, and leaves on trees, gone.

                                No more stutter with dust and or other explosions.


                                I now have restored the in game resolution back to my desktop default. 1680 x 1050

                                I will have to try if this works out when allot of enemies appear on my screen, but the game runs much, much better.

                                I had to lower my mouse sensitivity


                                I am also under the impression, that the screen tearing in Firefox is gone or almost gone.


                                I now need a benchmark to tell, if the game runs as good or better compared to windows directX.

                                First impression is that is runs better.

                                Not related to this topic, now gonna try Left For Dead 2.


                                Thank you AMD and thank you Nou.

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                                    I started the game from the beginning, and for now just like to report, there is still some stutter in the game vids,(between levels ) and a bit of sound cutoff.

                                    I will report later, about how the performance holds out on the later levels.

                                    I already played past parts, were I, before this driver noticed lag.


                                    Its not my hardware, the vids don't stutter on win 7 pro 32bit.


                                    Would a newer kernel improve things even futher?

                                    I read today an article about how to install a newer kernel on openSUSE.