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Is there any chance the description can be changed on this website ?

Question asked by phill1978 on Mar 9, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by richi902

Steam is no longer Beta



Just saying. It kind of makes people feel like AMD are not upto date with whats going on since December






oh forgot BTW .. whats up with the terrible performance on Steam games? are they just bad ports, im sure the AMD drivers are not all to blame? Desura games work okish about 3/4 of the windows performance with equivalent titles. But steam games are running poor.


Also I think your VSYNC needs a look at, it doesn't really work very well and I believe this is what is causing most of the inconsistent frame latencies.




one more thing. If AMD are working on drivers now with Haste due to Steam, then I hear NVidia drivers are much more mature on on Linux? Does that mean there was no care for the Linux community? I don't blame AMD I blame ATI as they were, surely evicting 20 million of the most mature and open minded computer developers because it wasn't financially viable is a trust breaker for so many people that many millions of dollars in sales have gone to team green?

In fact i expect many millions still are until reports come out that AMD drivers are finally upto scratch !