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Bad VSync in Eyefinity display

Question asked by cwicky on Mar 7, 2013
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We are using Radeon HD graphics since quite a while in our visual simulation application.


When recently moving on the HD7770, we got an annoying problem wiht vsync.

Our application runs with an Eyefinity horizontal 3 screens setting, and the vsync is not working properly on some screens.

Our connections are as follow :

  • 1 screen to mini-display port, using an adaptative converter to DVI-D
  • 1 screen to DVI-D output
  • 1 screen to HDMI output

When setting the preferred display in Catalyst to the display port output, vsync is ok on the display port but not on the 2 other outputs (tearing visible on screen)

When setting the preferred display in Catalyst to either the DVI or HDMI output, vsync is ok on DVI and HDMI output, but the tearing happens on the display port.


Is there a way to have a correct vsync on all 3 screens ?


Please note that we use a significant volume of GPUs per year (500+), and if no solution can be found on this issue, we will most probably stop using AMD's GPUs.


Thanks in advance,



Our configuration details :

Win7 64


DX9 application

Catalyst 13.1

Eyefinity 3x1 (mini display port / DVI-D / HDMI)