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Question asked by brwyatt on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by someone

Considering that there are no 12.11 non-beta drivers, 13.1 can't be used with Big Picture, and 13.2 is still beta... I'm sure every single Steam user that is using Official AMD driver packages knows this watermark well (as has found one of the many frustrating and irritating ways to remove it).


My question, however, is simply "Why?" What is the point of this watermark? The way I see it, it DISCOURAGES their use for any extended period of time (which would limit the discovery and reporting of bugs) due to covering up part of the screen (The clock on the desktop and some icons, ammo/health counters in some games, continue/exit/cancel buttons in game menus), or forces your users to find an undocumented hack to remove it (some of which could be potentially DANGEROUS, or cause problems leading to the inaccuracy of bug reports).


Given all that, what BENEFIT does this watermark have to either AMD or it's loyal customers? If you really feel the need to constantly remind your users that "YOU ARE USING BETA DRIVERS!!!!" why not a popup on system boot or user login to remind them, and maybe even with a link to how to submit a bug? That seems that it would accomplish the same goal while actually providing function, rather than simply being an annoyance.