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    OpenCV OCL testsuite fails with Catalyst 13.1


      My environment

      CPU Intel i5 3570k 3,40Ghz

      GPU AMD Radeon 7970 GHz 1.1 Ghz

      CENTOS 6.3 (alias RED HAT 6.3) 64Bit

      Catalyst 13.1 Driver 9.012


      The opencl testsuite (opencv_test_ocl) coming with opencv release 2.4.4 fails in 186 out of 1288 tests,

      while comparing CPU with GPU results. eg. CopyMakeBorder , Blend.Accuracy,

      BruteForceMatcher ..


      These errors do not show up with Catalyst 12.10 Driver 9.002

      Catalyst 12.10 fails only in one function (pyrup (Gaussian Pyramid Up Conversion)).