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What is the extent of support for Quad buffers for stereoscopic 3D in OpenGL?

Question asked by ben135 on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by ben135

I've tried to get several different simple examples running on an MSI GX60 notebook, which has an A10, integrated Radeon 7660G and dedicated 7970M. So far, the only thing that works properly is the AMD DirectX stereo example while forced to run on the 7660. If I run it on the 7970 which is much more powerful, it doesn't work. Is this a known problem, and will future drivers support the 7970M?

As for OpenGL, nothing works on the 7970, and while support is reported for the 7660, all OpenGL rendering fails to occur in stereo mode (white screen, or transparent window). If I turn stereo mode off in the examples, of course the 3D rendering is fine.

Am I correct in thinking that these are driver problems I'm facing, or have other people successfully implemented OpenGL quad buffers for these ATI cards?

Does anyone know if these (probable) driver problems are acknowledged by AMD and are being addressed?


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