CodeXL 1.1 OpenCL kernel code display

Discussion created by Meteorhead on Feb 28, 2013
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First of all big congrats to the first VS2012 capable CodeXL release, been waiting for it for a long time. A welcome sight was to see that OpenCL kernel syntax highlight was also included in the dev tool. However, something is not right with this feature. When I am browsing kernel code, it stutters like crazy. I can scroll around the code 0.5 FPS, which is definately unusable.


While I was installing the installer told me it could not close all applications properly, although it did seem to do just fine. (although I have no idea why it would need to close Explorer and the Bluetooth stack too. I am using Win 8 64-bit)


The kernel file that causes the issue is attached. A fix for this issue would be most welcome (or some advise as to what might cause it).


Thanks in advance,