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2 Landscape Flipped monitors in 2x2 wall?

Question asked by bobh on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2014 by nockawa


Is it possible to have a 2x2 wall with the top 2 monitors working in Landscape flipped mode in Eyefinity?


We want to try this so we can run a large 2x2 wall using cheap HDTVs.  Problem is these TVs usually have a wider bezel at the bottom

so you get the big gap in the middle of the composite screen.  The idea is to mout the top 2 upside down and use the flipped mode to correct the image.


I have tried setting the monitors in Windows to be landscape flipped but when I use CPCC to configure an eyefinity group all screens revert to landscape.


I have succeeded in making an eyefinity group with all 4 monitors in landscape flipped, but not 2 of each.


I am using a firepro 2460 with 2 x DVI connected screens & 2 x active DP to DVI connected screens.


Any thoughts?  (Or should I just tell my boss to buy a real monitor wall setup