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    Cant run 4 screens on Firepro 2460


      Hi All - question from a graphics newby.


      I have installed a Firepro 2460 in a win7 pro 64 bit machine.

      I was trying to do a quick and easy solution for a 2x2 display wall which will eventually be driving 4 identical Large HDTVs.


      To test out the theory I have attached 2 x LG W2242P monitors as Displays 1&2.  These consistently work fine.

      When I try to attach 2 x ACER V243HL monitors as Displays 3 & 4, I can only get one or the other to operate.

      The 2 ACER monitors have exactly the same model numbers on the compliance plates.

      All of the monitors are attached using the supplied Mini-DP to DVI cables.


      From the windows screen resolution setup I have extended the 3 displays.  When I try to extend the display to screen 4

      I get the informative "Unable to save display settings" message box.  If I disable screen 3 then I can extend to screen 4 ok.


      From Catalyst Control Centre I get the message "To extend the desktop, a desktop or display must be disabled".


      Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

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          The 2460 can handle only 2 DVI monitors since only 2 clocks are available and each DVI monitor needs its own clock for teh data exchange. For more details please see: http://devgurus.amd.com/message/1282464#1282464

          The easiest solution is to use active DP to DVI adapters since DVI monitors that are connected through active adapters are treated as DisplayPort monitors (that can all share a single clock) and in this case you have no limitation and can connect up to 6 monitors that do not need to be identical.

          We have the possibility to support more than 2 DVIs as well but in this case the monitors need to report the same EDID. In the last driver posts this feature was not activated and would explain why you cannot get all 4 monitors to work.

          Can you please provide the exact driver version that you are using?

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              Hi, thanks for your help.


              The driver version is   20/11/2012


              Also  ..  do the comments about DVI apply to HDMI as well? 





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                  yes, the same is true for HDMI. Please find a tool attached that enables the support of multiple DVIs/HDMIs. Please run it a as Administrator and reboot your system. If your monitors report the same EDID you should then be able to attach all of them. If you get different EDIDs and are still not able to get all 4 monitors attached I would recommend using active adapters. You can find a list of recommended adapters on: http://support.amd.com/us/eyefinity/Pages/eyefinity-dongles.aspx

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                      Am I right in thinking that one solution could also be to use 4 DisplayPort screens, which would remove the requirement for them all to be the same make and model and also remove the need for active adapters?



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                        Thanks for the information on here. I was having a similar problem using a W7000, could only connect 3 DVI or HDMI monitors via the Dell supplied adaptors. Using that EnableMultipleDVI function supplied fixed the issue on this PC. However I have a very similar PC that is fitted with W7100, I am having the same issue but I can only run 2 monitors maximum, via the Dell supplied adaptors. I have run the EnableMultipleDVI function above but it has not made any difference. Are you able to offer any suggestions? Or do I just need to get Active Adaptors?


                        Thanks for any advise you can offer, it is much appreciated.




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                            Hi Dan,


                            the easiest solution is for sure to use active dongles. The enableMultipleDVI will only work if the connected monitors are all identical. I would expect that running this tool you should be able to connect more than 2 identical monitors to the W7100. If this does not work it might be that the reported EDIDs do not match even if the monitors are the same model. In this case you might want to try the EDID functinality in the Catalyst Control Center. You can read the EDID of one monitor and apply it to the others. Please reboot the system with all monitors connected.


                            Still I would recommend using active dongles.