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    Does this all make any sense here?


      I just wonder, if AMD is reading this forum sometime or not.

      Does it make any sense to report bugs here?

      I have a lot of issues and I don't see any difference or replies.

      If I report bug to Valve about Steam for Linux, they reply - for example they asks for some information etc.. and I can see, that someone is working on it.


      Bugs with AMD Drivers should be taged "high priority" and should be fixed as soon, as it is possible. There is no reply, or any reaction. No difference between driver versions.


      Is there any chance, or I can sell my laptop and buy another one with nVidia, because AMD is selling products which does not work?

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          Don't take it like that. They certainly won't answer your message if you say such things.


          Just remember that Linux is far less used than windows. Then amd developpers probably spend much more time to optimise the windows driver than fixing the linux driver. That explain the slow pace of bug fixes.


          If they don't answer or ask questions, maybe they just know that the bugs exist and they don't need additional information and will fix it in a later release.

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              Excuse me, but how much hard is that to reply:

              • That's a known bug and we are working on it.


              • This problem will be addressed in next beta release.


              • We will investigate more about it.


              • We can't reproduce such issue, do you mind giving us more information about your setup?


              It's understandable that Windows drivers have higher priority than Linux drivers, but simply ignoring people here is very impolite.


              Only post I saw a reply from AMD developers was a post titled *Thank you AMD* or something for a broken feature. I guess they only monitor and reply to such topics.

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              You are right bugs should be fixed as soon as it is possible, but it doesn't mean that AMD is selling products which does not work, they will fix it, but we have to wait for fruitful results.