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    PerfStudio crash when trying to launch Frame Debugger


      I'm trying to get our game working with PerfStudio for the first time and I'm running into a snag. After commenting out its internal frame limiter, I was able to get the client to connect, but when I try clicking the Frame Debugger button, the game crashes trying in the middle of calling Present on the swap chain. It looks like it's trying to jump to a NULL address inside DX11Server-x64.dll. Could some kind soul with access to PerfStudio symbols take a look at the attached WinDbg "!analyze -v" results, and explain what our game might be doing wrong. There's also some TTY output right before the crash, but I don't know what instance it could be referring to:


      PerfStudio: 16:04:07.591098: Assert: 13724           : Instance's vtable not managed!


      Software/system specs:

      PerfStudio 2.12.1280.0

      Windows 7 x64

      Radeon HD 7950