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PerfStudio crash when trying to launch Frame Debugger

Question asked by parky37 on Feb 18, 2013

I'm trying to get our game working with PerfStudio for the first time and I'm running into a snag. After commenting out its internal frame limiter, I was able to get the client to connect, but when I try clicking the Frame Debugger button, the game crashes trying in the middle of calling Present on the swap chain. It looks like it's trying to jump to a NULL address inside DX11Server-x64.dll. Could some kind soul with access to PerfStudio symbols take a look at the attached WinDbg "!analyze -v" results, and explain what our game might be doing wrong. There's also some TTY output right before the crash, but I don't know what instance it could be referring to:


PerfStudio: 16:04:07.591098: Assert: 13724           : Instance's vtable not managed!


Software/system specs:

PerfStudio 2.12.1280.0

Windows 7 x64

Radeon HD 7950