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CodeXL "select a run mode for application"

Question asked by roman.arzum on Feb 18, 2013

Hello, everyone.


When I'm trying to debug any OpenCL application (even Teapot sample), after I press F5, message in properties toolbar appears:

"To run an application, select a run mode and run the application"


What should I do? No info in built-in help was found.


P. S.

OpenCL applications works well outside of CodeXL, problem consider only debugging.


OS: Ubuntu 12.04 x64

Driver Packaging version: 8.96.7-120312a-135598C-ATI (installed from Ubuntu repo, not from AMD web-site)

2D driver version:9.1.11

Catalyst version: 2.18

GPU: AMD 7660D (A10 5700 IGP)