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Vsync issues

Question asked by mannerov on Feb 18, 2013
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I use the catalyst 13.2 beta driver with an i5 hd4000 and an amd hd7730m, and my system is Kubuntu 12.10.


I have some issues with vsync:

. I can see the fps of kwin, the window manager. With the intel hd4000, it is 60 fps, as expected, but with the hd7730m, I get 70 fps ( I activated the tearing free desktop via amdconfig, but I don't have the option in the catalyst manager).

I also noted that disable vsync in kwin configuration doesn't change anything.

(I also have a missing desktop effect and only opengl desktop works, not Xrender, but that's other bugs)


.I play cruisader kings 2 with steam, but I have tearings with the game (using the hd7730m) . I forced vsync in the catalyst manager, but I still have them. If I play with the i5 hd4000, I have no tearings. I would like to play with the hd7730m, because thanks to the catalyst manager I can manage to have a far better image quality with the hd7730m and the game is smoother.


Thank you to tell me if there is something to configure I missed, or please fix it.


(ps: I also have an other bug: The first week after installing the driver, I had no issues to switch between the two graphic card, but now It always bug after restarting X and I have to restart the computer to change of graphic card. If I restart directly without trying to restart X, the computer doesn't start correctly and I have to restart again.)