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AMD FFT, 2 Plans, 1 context

Question asked by amcelroy on Feb 12, 2013
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I'm trying to do 2 sequential, out of place transforms.  The first is a Real to Complex Hermitian Planar, the other from Complex Hermitian Planar back to Real.


The general flow of the program is:

1.) Create a Plan

2.) FFT

3.) Destroy the plan (Destroy Plan and Teardown)

4.) Create a second Plan

6.) FFT

7.) Destroy second plan and teardown


Steps 1 through 3 execute perfectly for 1D and 2D transforms.

The issue is that in step 4, at the 2nd plan creation the call to the clAmdFftCreateDefaultPlan function:

          status = clAmdFftInitSetupData( setupData.get( )); //CL_SUCCESS

          status = clAmdFftSetup( setupData.get( ) ); //CL_SUCCESS

   status = clAmdFftCreateDefaultPlan( &plHandle, d->GetContext(), dim, clLengths ); //CL_NOTIMPLEMENTED. 


Is this an issue where only one plan can be associated with 1 context until the DLL is unloaded or am I totally messing something up?