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    hd5450 Device does not support cl_amd_fp64 extension error



      when executing sample code Fluidsimulaton2D

      i get the error

      Expected Error: Device does not support cl_amd_fp64 extension!


      is this the gpu limitation or am i missing something missing?

      there is "cl_khr_fp64" is there any relation b/w the two?




      can somebody post a link about a tutorial for generating code .


      in the sdk starting guide it says

      1. Ensure the path is set to include the location of libOpenCL.so.


      how do we do so??




      Ubunutu 12.10

      latest drivers and SDK

        • Re: hd5450 Device does not support cl_amd_fp64 extension error

          The error message inidcates that the device does not support "double precision(DP)".

          I think this is correct. Because 5450 is Cedar family and I vaguely remember that this family does not have DP support.


          http://www.khronos.org/registry/cl/extensions/amd/cl_amd_fp64.txt - This document says that cl_amd_fp64 is a subset of cl_khr_fp64. This is what you will find in AMD cards and I think this is normal.


          Coming to your question on libOpenCL.so :

          1. Are you able to compile the SDK samples? Then, libOpenCL is already taken care of.

          2.If the AMD runtime DLLs are missing, then you cannot really execute the application. It will complain "Error loading library" or something like that. since your application is printing a valid error message - the AMD runtime files are loaded correctly. There is no problem.

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