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fglrx fails to load on false-positive switchable graphics TOSHIBA laptop

Question asked by hackerwolf on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by hackerwolf

Hi! I decided to write to this forum because I have an issue that is driving me crazy. Only two months ago I bought a new TOSHIBA laptop, a Satellite L850-1PD PSKG8E-U05500UIT (, equipped with an Intel i7 3630QM CPU and a Radeon HD7670M w/2GB VRAM. I use GNU/Linux by 5 years and more but I've never had a similar issue: after I've installed Ubuntu 12.10, logically, I start to install the fglrx video driver, but after the reboot I get black screen (LDM doesn't load) and the following Xorg error:


fglrx(0): Invalid video BIOS signature!

fglrx(0): GetBIOSParameter failed

fglrx(0): PreInitConfig failed


After reading hundreds of web pages, I've discovered that this error is caused by an incorrect detection of video card: the OS looks for in-CPU Intel HD400 GPU, but this one is disabled via BIOS by TOSHIBA. As suggested here, I should change some BIOS graphic options, but obviously my BIOS doesn't have any of these options!!!


So I gently ask if there is a sort of workaround or fix to get the driver working properly.


Thanks in advance!!