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    how to play a vcr file (..and to convert it to mpg)


      Dear Ati Community,


      I am very happy to share this request in our community, so everybody will get a final response to that question.


      I am trying to play VCR files, with no success.


      I am using a PC

      (operating system: Windows XP service pack 3

      and Graphics Adapter: SAPPHIRE RADEON X300SE PCI-E (H19W).


      I installed ATI software in this order:


      1) 9-14_mmc_uci.exe

      2) 6-12_xcode_38463.exe

      3) 9-16_mmc_enu.exe


      ATI Multimedia Center recognizes vcr files type but it doesn't open them (please see the attached error screenshot).

      I also attach to this message the VCR files, so You can test them.


      Please let me know a working solution to play them.

      I really need to play them (..and to convert them to mpeg ) !!


      Thank You in advance for kind attention and support.


      Yours Sincerely,