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Can Someone Please Lead Me In The Right Direction...Thank You!!

Question asked by rottinrob on Feb 13, 2013
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Hey Everyone,


I'm Robert, a lifelong user/builder of AMD. I'm not too active at the moment on the Developers Circuit, but that's mainly due to my Professors...they hardly allow us to breath. Anyway, I am a full time student at University of Texas at Dallas, Majoring in Software Engineering w/ minor Nanotechnology and I am...tinkering if you will...but I have some very specific questions about what I am and am NOT allowed to do with the code. The school being a research university and its standing in the Academic community they require us to really check ourselves at every turn. What I'm doing doesn't exactly "exist" if you will....yet....but that is why I am where I am.


But if anyone could lead me in the right direction of who I can speak with, I would greatly appreciate it!


Y'all have fun....gotta run....Calculus starts in 15 min...oops lost track of time...LOL...C Ya Around!!!