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User needs help with OpenCL w/13.1 driver on Windows XP

Question asked by on Feb 8, 2013
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I've been using OpenCL for running Boinc (think Seti-at-Home) on my PC for years.  I've got a Radeon HD5750 in a Windows XP system, the sole video card.


Recently, I was required to upgrade my driver to 13.1.  I used the Uninstall utility to remove all of the old ATI software and driver, then installed the 13.1.  Now, GPU-Z.0.6.7, the latest version last I checked, is indicating my system is incapable of using OpenCL, image attached.  Needless to say, Boinc also can't find a usable GPU.


I opened a support ticket with AMD because a previous ticket regarding this issue had informed me "The issues with Open CL not working with newer drivers is under investigation by the driver development team and should be resolved in a future release, but may take 2-3 months."  This was in June 2012.  The latest ticket informed me "This problem does not happen with older driver sets", but I had the same issue with 12.2, 12.3, and 12.4 (previous ticket).  They went on to suggest I post a question here.  So...


Can anyone provide instructions to make this work again?  Am I missing an additional piece of software?  Is AMD/ATI just not going to support a working OpenCL implementation (I would think not as there's a lot of activity in this developer forum)?


As an aside, maybe it's related, CCC will NOT run on this system either, no matter what version is installed.  AMD support has so far been unable to fix that either.


Thanks so much for all assistance!!!!!