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Unstable Eyefinity 3D Active Glasses Sync

Question asked by whyme466 on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2014 by whyme466

Recently implemented 3D Eyefinity configuration (see whyme466 Jan 2013 comments at, for much more information). Unfortunately, it appears that Stereo (L/R pair) frames are not being properly synchronized by Eyefinity. The Active Glasses sync signal is NOT ALIGNED on the 3 HDTVs, even though they are in Eyefinity sync (AMD probably not syncing start of full L/R frame sequence, just individual frames instead). Setting desktop to 1080p24 and enabling Vsync did not help. Good 3D video is rarely shown on all 3 screens simultaneously (never stable, drifts between 3D and merged L/R 2D signal), but any one of the 3 displays can be made to work correctly by simply forcing the Active glasses to sync with that specific display. How can this sync problem be resolved?


I am not developer; AMD Global Customer Care suggested the use of this forum...