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    3ds Max 2013 plugin


      I have recently upgraded from 7970's to v5900's mainly because I use 3ds Max more heavily and play less [PC] games. I noticed there are plugins for 2010/11 Max, CAD, etc... but none for 2013 specifically. Will those plugins work in 2013 version of Max? or... Is there one in the works that anyone knows of?


      The driver suite I have installed for my cards now is the Catalyst suite 9.003.3. However I have seen certified drivers 8.911.3.3 on the AMD site that were under the Max 2013 category. What is the difference? Is the 8.9xxxx just an older version of the 9.0xxxx included in the catalyst suite? or... Is the 8.9xxxx a driver engineered toward the performance of Max?

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          This may be a question more for the Autodesk forums, but I'll ask it here as well.


          Max has been locking up lately and even with saving my work and having autobackups in place, upon reopening the files a corrupted and can't be opened. It's becoming annoying. I was wondering if anyone new the proper driver setting in Max for the v5900's (Nitrous, DirectX, or OpenGL?). I have been doing research and haven't found a real clear cut answer. It was set on Nitrous and crashing, as for now I will try OpenGL to see if it makes a difference.


          Any help would be appreciated.

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            Autodesk no longer allows graphics board vendors to create plugins for 3dsMax 2012 and later.


            Allen B [AMD]

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