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    [Bug] GLSL wrong compile error


      Hi I encountered a strange bug with getting shader compile errors with OpenGL.

      I have this small shader:


      #define toGamma(x) pow(x, vec4(1./2.2))

      in vec3 normal;

      out vec4 FragColor;


      void main()


                vec3 N = normalize(normal);

                vec3 L = normalize(vec3(0,1,1));

                FragColor = toGamma( dot(N, L); //<-- 2 errors



      when I compiled this I got the following "empty" error message, from the call to glGetShaderInfoLog:

      "Fragment shader failed to compile with the following errors:"


      when I try to compile the code with AMDs "GPU Shader Analyzer", I get a much more helpful message:

      ERROR: 0:12: error(#111) EOF in Macro toGamma

      ERROR: 0:12: error(#131) Syntax error: pre-mature EOF parse error

      ERROR: error(#273) 2 compilation errors.  No code generated



      Is there something I do wrong?


      my system:

      Win 7 x64, AMD 5770