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Using AMD'a ADL SDK to perform soft-genlock : is it possible ?

Question asked by orenmaurice on Jan 20, 2013


I've been thinking about doing the following thing : I have a source of frames, sending me frames at ~60fps. I want to display them without ever doubling or dropping frames on an AMD GPU.

Now, as my GPU's output frequency & the source's frame-rate don't match precisely, I'll either starve for frames, or overflow in short order.

I was wondering if I can use ADL's ability to set very precise timing in order to adapt the output framerate minutely, in real-time, to keep the queue short, but not empty. In order to do that, I'll change the timing in the V-Blank every time I sense the queue is getting out of hand.

Does ADL have the capability to change the timing "in real time", or must I change the timing of a mode, than change mode (which will cause a blink) ?

If anybody's got any insights, I'll be glad to know. I've known of people doing it using PowerStrip, but I can't believe it can't be done with the "normal", exposed SDK's...




Oren J. Maurice