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Uploading small chunks of data very slow on Radeon 7970

Question asked by chevydevil on Jan 16, 2013
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I have two buffers created with CL_MEM_READ_ONLY | CL_MEM_USE_HOST_PTR


Then I upload chunks of 1, 2 or 4 KB of Data in a while loop. The chunks can't be bigger for several reasons. All over there are up to 1024 chunks. I'm using clEnqueueWriteBuffer() with an offset to put the data in the right place. On a Radeon 7970 connected with PCIe 2.0 this takes 10 ms per chunk! This works about 40 times faster on a GTX 580 in the same system and even on a GTX 280 M it is much faster. What is wrong there? I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with the latest beta driver and AMD APP 2.8. Attached is the code for the upload.

P.S.: The wrapper does nothing more then calling non-blocking clEnqueueWriteBuffer() with the offset.


  // collect incore buffer ranges to upload
  gloost::bencl::ClBuffer* incoreClBuffer = _clContext->getClBuffer(_svoClBufferGid);
  gloost::bencl::ClDevice* device         = _clContext->getDevice(0);

  std::set<gloost::gloostId>::iterator slotGidIt    = _incoreSlotsToUpload.begin();
  std::set<gloost::gloostId>::iterator slotGidEndIt = _incoreSlotsToUpload.end();

  if (!_incoreSlotsToUpload.size())

  while (slotGidIt!=slotGidEndIt)

    // svo data
    unsigned srcIndex         = (*slotGidIt)*_numNodesPerTreelet;
    unsigned destOffsetInByte = (*slotGidIt)*getTreeletSizeInByte();

    int status = incoreClBuffer->enqueueWrite( device->getClCommandQueue(),
                                                (const char*)&(_incoreBuffer[srcIndex]));

    // attrib data
    unsigned attribSrcIndex         = (*slotGidIt)*_numNodesPerTreelet*_incoreAttributeBuffer->getNumElementsPerPackage();
    unsigned attribDestOffsetInByte = (*slotGidIt)*_attributeBuffers[0]->getVector().size()*sizeof(float);

    gloost::bencl::ClBuffer* incoreAttributeClBuffer = _clContext->getClBuffer(_attributeClBufferGid);

    status = incoreAttributeClBuffer->enqueueWrite(device->getClCommandQueue(),
                                                   (const char*)&(_incoreAttributeBuffer->getVector()[attribSrcIndex]));

  clFinish( device->getClCommandQueue() );

  _incoreSlotsToUpload.erase(_incoreSlotsToUpload.begin(), slotGidIt);