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Dynamic work-item and work-group size ?

Question asked by bardia on Jan 15, 2013
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I am a beginner in OpenCL, and I have two questions: 

Suppose that we have two kernels k1 & k2. k1 works on 1D work space and k2 works on 2D work space. Size of dimensions varies with stream of processing data, but k2 sizes are always larger than k1's (ex. 16 to (256,256)), and k1 always calls k2 in its loops.

For optimum utilization of GPU resources, I need to dynamically change the work sizes for k2. Unfortunately, assigning work sizes from host using events and ques is very slow !


1- Is there any way to dynamically change work sizes for k2 during execution of k1 (from k1 source not from HOST) ?

2- Is it possible to dynamically put some commands for k2 in ques during execution of k1 (from k1 source not from HOST) ?


Thanks in advance