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Problems with OpenGL FBO shared packed_depth_stencil depth format

Question asked by swoop on Jan 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2013 by fscan


Radeon 5870 Driver: 12.10


Im using this format to rebuild view space position in a shader and the values being read dont seem to be correct. I have FBO_1 with depth, and two color attachments and a second FBO_2 sharing the depth and using its own two color attachments.

I render to all targets of FBO_1, depth only first, then to the two color attachments. After this depth writes are disabled and only testing is done. When writing to the two color attachments on FBO_2, the depth texture (shared on this FBO) is sampled by the shader. The shader reconstructs view space positions from the sampled depths. Sampling from this texture while rendering to FBO_2's color attachments seems to cause problems.

I get errors in my lighting and fog calculations witch all reconstruct view xyz position or z from the depth. The problems all go away and everything works as expected if I switch to FLOAT data type and DEPTH only. I dont get this problem on other hardware using either format.


Is anyone aware of issues related to this format in the current drivers with a similar setup?