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Downloading older versions of clAmdFft

Question asked by dafydd2 on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by dafydd2

I have a computer with a HD 4850, which has been moved into the legacy bracket of AMD products and is only compatible with OpenCL 1.1. Which version of clAmdFft is the most recent that will run properly on it, and where can I download it? The only Windows version available for download is 1.8.239.


Also, the readme lists several fixes in later versions (e.g. Version 1.8.276 (beta): Fixed:  * Memory leaks affecting use cases where 'clAmdFftEnqueueTransform' is used in a loop) than the one available for download. Are those bugs not actually fixed in the version available for download, or is the version available for download not actually 1.8.239?


By the way, according to the website, the readme is an rtf, but it's really a .txt.