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ACML set num threads

Question asked by jgpallero on Jan 9, 2013
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I'm new using ACML and I have some minor questions about the way to set the number of threads to execute it in multicore environments. For example, with Intel MKL are valid both environment variables OMP_NUM_THREADS and MKL_NUM_THREADS and the API functions omp_set_num_threads() and mkl_set_num_threads(). With GotoBLAS the variables and functions from OpenMP are too valid plus GOTO_NUM_THREADS and goto_set_num_threads()


And what about ACML? I know OMP_NUM_THREADS and omp_set_num_threads() are valid but, exists any other variables or functions? In acml.h I see acmlsetnumtreads() function. This function is under the comment /* OMP interfaces */. Is acmlsetnumthreads() only a wrapper around omp_set_num_threads() or is an independent function? Exist any other function or variable like ACML_NUM_THREADS?