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Using AMD_IL code under OpenCL runtime environment.

Question asked by realhet on Jan 6, 2013
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In order to make my stuff up to date, I'm leaving CAL behind and trying to use OpenCL for buffer/kernel management.

My goal is to execute an amd_il source code under the OpenCL api, so I can still code in low level and also access all the older cards with a WORKING api.


In order to reach the goal, I did the following:

1. compile AMD_IL source with calcl, make a cal_elf image. (Thats the only part I somewhat rely on good old cal)

2. compile a skeleton opencl source to an ocl elf image. (skeleton code 'defines' the buffers (uav,cb))

3. replace the cal_elf section inside the ocl_elf with the generated cal_elf image (step 1).


At the moment, the skeleton code is as simple as this:

__kernel void main(__global int* uav,__constant int* cb) { uav[get_global_id(0)]+=cb[0]; }

//one uav, one cb, and a global id, that's all.

//this code is modifyes(!) the contents of the uav


It consists of 3 basic operations:,, uav.write


I took out the .il source of this small opencl program, and recompiled with calcl. Inserted to the skeleton ocl_elf, and gave it to OpenCL API, the results was like:

All operations worked well except the which is always returned zero.


I investigated further and found a difference between the IL->ISA compilers of OpenCL and CAL. (I can only use explicitly CAL's compiler)

This difference was the VFETCH instruction's BUFFER_ID value:

calCl: VFETCH R0.x___, R1.x, fc0

OpenCL's internal compiler: VFETCH R0.x___, R1.x, fc153

(note that it was the result of the same .il program)


I don't want to do an automatic patcher to this, because it would be not a smooth solution, but I wonder if anyone know a better way to this problem: to compile AMD_IL code and execute it with the latest OpenCL.


I think both CAL and OCL uses the same compiler, but maybe OCL is passing it a special parameter and thus it generates slightly different code.

I hope there is a new enum for that replaces CAL_LANGUAGE_IL. ( calclCompile(obj, CAL_LANGUAGE_IL, PAnsiChar(AIL), ATarget) )


(Attaching dumped elf images, sources for the two methods (the thing in !ocl_ocl\ works and the one in !ocl_il fails). You can see, both .il files are the same, but the .isa files has one byte difference)


Anyone has some experience with this?

Or is there a way to access the AMD_IL compiler from within the OpenCL runtime itself (that would be a jackpot ).


If AMD guys read it: It would be awesome if you could officially enable amd_il and binary_isa as an option to create OpenCL kernels out of.


Thanks for replies in advance!