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      Yesterday Code Analyst worked fine, but today after clicking Start Profiling I instantly receive messega:


      The device driver fails to start profiling.

      There were no enough resorces (IOCTL_START_PROFILER)

      Please try again.


      After some random clicking Start Profiling button everything looks like it's working but after that error pop-ups:


      The profile file could not be written!


      In the application system bar there is Processing TaskInfo File when error appears.


      It doesn't looks like file permission problem, application is run as administrator, UAC is disabled, the path to project is "C:\" so it is as easy it is possible. Tried on different administrator account, problem still exists.


      Running configuration:


      System: Windows 8 Pro 64bit

      Processor: AMD fx-8120

      Code Analyst version: 3.8.1203.1066



          This happens due to un-availability of Hardware counters at the time of profile start.

          OS is holding these counters for some reason.

          This change is primarily introduced starting from Win8 OS.

          The "Profile file could not be written" is also related to this.


          Re-trying to run profile after a while should work. Rebooting the system also helps.



          Kalyan P

            • Re: IOCTL_START_PROFILER

              Well, reboots didn't help at all or did but worked very randomly.


              So I switched to Windows 7, now I can profile most programs, well, most because sometimes when I start EBS profile, my program runs, but after it finishes status bar says Processing Raw Data and then error pop-ups:


              No Samples available


              The selected session does not have any data, please try again.



              It also occurs randomly. Restarting profiling one by one is one, but not so efficient solution, when you are profiling large instances in program. Any solution?