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Missing details in Datasheets for Family F

Question asked by lautriv on Dec 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2013 by avk

Hello there ,

i'm about to port a board to coreboot and miss some details in the datasheets.

the CPU(s) in question are a couple of 880 on socket 940 which report as


Family 0F(15), Model 21(33), Stepping 2, Microcode 0x4d


however, the Bios and Kernel Developer Guide for Family F does not even mention

Socket 940, in particular the DramTimingRegister Low, offset 0x88 [31:24]

is only declaring Sockets F, AM2, S1G1 and ASB1.


Beeing stuck on that part, i assume there are further differences because

this CPU Type is the last Fam_F using no DDR2 but DDR RAM.


Any hints, links and details are appredicated.