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Vector Read(int4) of an Image-help

Question asked by sharath.naidu on Jan 4, 2013
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I am using int4 for read from the input Image and also to write to the output Image.

I have a 256*256 Image.

initially i assiged global work dimensions as 256,256 but its a bad idea as i used to get 16 Images of size 64*64 as its an int4 it reads 4 pixels for one work item and with 64 work items in X and Y direction it can read the entire Image.


Then i changed the global work item dimension by 64*256 64*4 is 256(in x direction the int4 reads 4 pixel/work item)...bad idea as it read the Image as 64*256.

I tried thinking if i make the global work item dimension loook like this 000100040008000120001600020...i tot work item will be executed when its a multiple of 4...definitely wrong.

Then reading inputImage as int4* and writing back as int*  is not possible or?

...i want to read image as an int4 and output as an it possible?


/************This code is for global work dimension 64*256*******************/


__kernel void convolution(

__global int4 *inputImage,                                  // datatype CL_SIGNED_INT32;  CL_R;

__global int4 *outputImage,

  int inputWidth,                                                        //256

  int inputHeight,                                                       //256

__constant int *filter,                                           //sobel filter

      int filterWidth)                                                  //filterWidth=3



int x = get_global_id(0);

int y = get_global_id(1);

int4 sum = 0;

int kx, ky;


int widthby4 = inputWidth/4;


for (ky = -filterWidth/2; ky <= filterWidth/2; ++ky)


      for (kx = -filterWidth/2; kx <= filterWidth/2; ++kx)


           sum += inputImage[(y + ky) * widthby4 + (x + kx)] * filter[(ky + filterWidth/2) * filterWidth + (kx + filterWidth/2)];



sum /= 9;

outputImage[(y)*widthby4+(x)] = sum;