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Get_Display_DisplayInfo_Get() failed

Question asked by tt_sd349f on Dec 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2013 by tt_sd349f

I use it to get all the displays' information like this:


int displayCount = 0;

LPADLDisplayInfo displaysInfo = NULL;



int ret = ADL_Display_DisplayInfo_Get(-1, &displayCount, &displaysInfo, 0);


But it failed and return -5. I checked it in the ADL_SDK_4.0, it should mean "Invalid ADL index passed".

And the API's detail description told me the first parameter could be -1 in order to retrieve all displays' information.

The text reads as follows:

[in]  iAdapterIndex     The ADL index handle of the desired adapter. A value of -1 returns all displays in the system across multiple GPUs.


How could I use this API to retrieve all displays' information?