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Resolving ACML/gfortran version conflict?

Question asked by cam_n on Dec 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by chipf

Hi.  An application I did not write but need to be able to edit/build from time to time has picked up a dependency on ACML.  I downloaded the latest version of ACML, installed it, set my build parameters/flags, and off I went . . .until I got lots and lots of of :


/usr/local/lib/acml5.3.0/gfortran64_mp/lib/libacml_mp.a(xerbla.o): In function 'xerbla_':

xerbla.f:(.txt+0x11c): undefined reference to '_gfortran_transfer_integer_write'

(snip many more such errors)

/usr/local/lib/acml5.3.0/gfortran64_mp/lib/libacml_mp.a(xerbla.o): In function 'xerbla_':

xerbla.f:(.txt+0x556): undefined reference to '_gfortran_transfer_character_write'

(again, snip many more such errors)


I googled on this and found a discussion of such errors on this website, at , in which Chip Freitag from AMD suggests that the problem comes from ACML 5.0.0 (and presumably later versions like my recent d/l of 5.3.0) being built with gfortran 4.6.x.  Indeed, the gfortran we have installed is 4.4.3.  Mr. Freitag's post suggests as first option upgrading to a more recent version of the compiler; unfortunately, that option isn't available to me right now.  Which then points to Mr. Freitag's second option:  reverting to ACML v4.4.0.


The problem is that AMD doesn't seem to make 4.4.0 available for download except in a 32-bit version.

Older versions such as 3.6 are available in a 64-bit form for g77; but 4.4.0 for gfortran is only available as a 32-bit download.


Is there another official source for 64-bit archival downloads?


Alternately, is there another option anyone can suggest?


Thanks very much for any help.