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    Support for Elementary OS


      Elementary OS is fast becoming one of the best Linux operating systems around, attracting thousands of users from other platforms. However, fglrx doesn't work with Gala compositing manager and with steam in beta, this is a major hurdle for me and many others.


      I have to buy a new gpu and I am thinking about Nvidia because the drivers are descent, although the price is much higher for the performance.

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          if they support ubunto they support elementary

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              Well fglrx uses fixes for every composting manager so its like a hacked fix. There isn't support for Gala composting manager, which Elementary uses resulting in a black screen on installing the proprietary drivers. Since the source code isn't available, only AMD can fix this. I really want to buy a 7 series card but fglrx not working means I am forced to use the open source drivers, which are terrible for the card. Many people are complaining about this and AMD should atleast fix this. Linux is the OS of the future and that is obvious when Mark Shuttleworth said that Ubuntu is targeting 200 million users by 2016. As a huge AMD fan, I totally feel let down, considering I have 5 AMD products(CPU/GPUs)  and considering that I have helped many people to embrace AMD and Linux.

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                They don't support Elementary OS because it uses Pantheon (based on Gnome 3 desktop environment) instead of Ubuntu's Unity.

                AMD should support Gnome 3 soon or we'll be disappointed a lot.

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                    Gala wm is based on mutter wm(which gnome shell uses) I don't have much problems with gnome shell. Someone reported drivers for Elementary OS woring but they are dodgy to say the least.

                    I love AMD but I can't depend on their grapjics anymore. I feel elt down I went in for NVIDIAs gtx 6xx series card and it has been woring flawlessly for me, although it doesn't provide better value for money than AMD. My 8 core bulldozer doesn't have any problems though.

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                  I agree, i am using Elementary OS and i'm really desperate for the fglrx drivers to work.
                  I have installed fglrx with Jockey and it works to log in etc. but the 2d graphics are very choppy and multi monitors does not work.
                  The 3d acceleration works wonderful though, and i can run Minecraft with over 100fps at highest settings.

                  I am using two 4850's in crossfire.

                  A funny thing is, when fglrx is installed, X recognizes all the screens and puts my desktop background on all of them and the mouse works on all of them, but gala can only recognize the monitor chosen as no.1 in CCC and you cannot drag windows to the other screens.


                  We have a big bugreport on launchpad Bug #1017091 “Blacklist fglrx/Catalyst in Jockey” : Bugs : elementary OS
                  It is the first hit on google when you search for "fglrx elementary"!


                  Would appreciate it alot if you took your time and helped us with this